Audio and Sound Design

Audio and Sound Design

After completing the programs’ six foundational courses (13 credits), students can deepen their knowledge in audio and sound design by completing an additional 6 courses in intermediate and advanced audio (18 credits).

These courses include (in recommended order):

  • MUC195 Studio Music Recording I
  • MUC111 Digital Audio Workstation I (DAW I)
  • MTC191 Electronic Music OR MUC194 Introduction to Audio Mixing Techniques
  • MTC192 Electronic Music II OR MUC196 Studio Recording II
  • MUC222 Sound Design II
  • MUC292 Sound Design III

Students who complete all of the 13 credits of core requirements and the 18 credits of audio and sound requirements, will be awarded the Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) in Video Game Production: Audio and Sound Emphasis.




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