Game Art

Game Art

After completing the programs’ six foundational courses (13 credits), students can deepen their knowledge in game art by completing an additional 9 courses in intermediate and advanced drawing, modeling, and animation (26 credits).

These courses include:

  • ART116 - Life Drawing
  • ART150 - Digital Storytelling
  • ART184 - Digital Animation I
  • ART185 - 3D Modeling for Animation I (OR CIS130DA - 3D Studio Max: Modeling)
  • ART200 - Animation and Interactivity
  • ART240 - Cinematography and Directing for 2D/3D Animation (OR CIS230DB - 3D Studio Max: Lighting and Rendering)
  • ART285 - 3D Modeling and Animation II (OR CIS130DB - 3D Studio Max: Animation)
  • ART287 - 3D Character Animation
  • ART298AB - Special Projects

Students who complete all of the 13 credits of core requirements and the 26 credits of game art requirements, will be awarded the Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) in Video Game Production: Game Art.




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