Video Game Production

In two years, you can earn an associate of science degree in Video Game Production and make a living working in the professional games industry or many related fields such as simulation, edutainment, and visualization. This emerging field provides a multitude of employment opportunities based on skill set, experience, academic training, and professional certifications for various roles and levels in the industry.

  • Gain essential skills needed to plan, design, create, and produce video game applications
  • Build a strong foundation bridging the art and science of video game production with interdisciplinary coursework and related studies
  • Bring together business concepts, game technology, game narrative, audio sound design, and animation

While many higher-level jobs in this field require students to obtain their bachelor’s degree, this associate’s degree prepares students for careers as an Environment Artist, Production Artist, Tools Programmer, Character Modeler, Character Animator, Game Designer, Game Developer, HTML5 Game Developer, Multimedia Designer/Developer, Commercial Artist, and/or Sound Designer. Completing this associate’s degree would provide individuals employment and opportunities to work in the field while they continue their education at a higher level. Students also have the opportunity to stack professional certifications in several areas of interest and gain the tools to become designers/technicians in those fields.




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